Listen to full speeches and audio of our beloved Shaykh Hassan Cisse (ra)

WATCH FULL MOVIE FOR FREE!!!! Shaykh Hassan Cisse's (ra) Mawlid-un-Nabi, ISRA International convention is now FREE to watch in full!

Shaykh Hassan Cisse's (ra) Mawlid-un-Nabi, ISRA International convention is now available for purchase.

The African Caribbean Institute of Nasrul Ilm is currently hosting Shaykh Mouhamado Mahy Cisse in the island of Trinidad and Tobago. Shaykh Mahy Cisse will be in Trinidad from January 28, 2009 to February 4, 2009, inshallah. The trip is very historic and Shaykh Mahy has a full schedule, alhamdulillah. More details can be found in Shaykh Mahy's website www.alfityanu.org/News.html or you can click here.

Shaykh Mahy Cisse will be in Texas, USA beginning Jan. 23, 2009 inshallah. The Texas Gambian Muslim Association is organizing an Islamic conference with Shaykh Mahy Cisse as the honored guest speaker. Please visit http://alfityanu.org/News.html for more details or click here.

Click here to view the trailer and purchase for download or purchase for DVD, Shaykh Hassan Cisse's (ra) Speech & Advice to his Murids in Detroit, Michigan, USA (2007 World Tour).

Shaykh Mahy Cisse is in Atlanta, Georgia, USA as of January 9, 2009 and he will be having a conference on January 10th at the Courtyard Marriott. His movie of his explanation of Shaykh Ibrahim Niasse's book is now available for purchase. Please visit Shaykh Mahy's website http://alfityanu.org and click on Movies and News for more information. Thank you!

Shaykh Mahy Cisse, brother of Shaykh Hassan Cisse (ra) and Shaykh Tidjiane Cisse, will be in Detroit, MI, USA beginning Dec. 31, 2008. He is scheduled to have a conference on Jan. 4, 2009 at The Plaza Hotel on "Muslim Women and Their Role in Islamic History, Tariqa Tijaniyya, Community, and Family." More information can be found at Shaykh Mahy's website at http://alfityanu.org/News.html


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